Introduction for static type wax coating machine HY-WAX-80
1. It is applied for the wax coating before processing for metal sheet or aluminum sheet.
2. Applying the way of static type can adhere the eax granulate evenly on metal surface.
It applies the patented “micro sphere” technique which is the same technique as
Tradition waxing. It puts million quantity of wax micro granulate adhere evenly on
Metal surface for decrcasing scratch,endure the mold life.
3. This system has a self-equipped air exhausting system. It is not requiered to
Connect pipe to outside factory so as to keep a clean environment.
4. Operating speed is over 360 ft/min (109 meter/min),sheet width 45” (1143mm)
5. Wax coating thickness: aluminum sheet: 8mg/ft2 @360ft/min
metal sheet: 20mg/ft2 @360ft/min